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Furnishing aerial data through drone survey and mapping is proficient, pocket-friendly, and accurate. It allows businesses to make mindful decisions more cost-effectively and efficiently regarding significant assets.


Faster Data Acquisition

Our qualified drone pilots and high-end UAV surveying and inspection allow us to procure data 10x faster than other traditional methods.


Accurate Survey

We use machine learning, comprehensive UAV surveying, and mapping to produce up to 99% accurate volumetric measurements and yield estimation.


in Industry

We have triumphantly earned our place in the drone industry through exceptional performance and dedication. We received the award for the Best Drone Tech Company of the year in 2023.

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Some Info About Us

Endeavoring to deliver innovative data processes and content delivery, our drone survey company in India provides aerial solutions by delivering high-quality Geo-Spatial solutions backed with enhanced speed and precision for both the public and private sectors. We offer highly accurate and detailed GIS Surveying, drone inspection, mining services, flood Assessment, crop health monitoring, topographic survey, UAV data processing, 3D mapping, and aerial photography and qualified personnel such as wind turbine experts. We Provide specialized Drone service for projects across India and have earned the knowledge and skill to accomplish them through experience, teamwork, and reliable equipment.

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Our Services

Surveying / Mapping

We extend services such as GIS, Drone Survey, Land survey, Stockpile Volumetric Analysis, Slope Monitoring, LIDAR, contours, and Urban Planning. Multiple deliverables offered include Orthomosaic maps, 3D Point Cloud, DEM, DTM with Centimeter-level accuracy, and 99% accurate Volumetric analysis and measurement.

Aerial Inspection & Analysis

Our Aerial Inspection services include infrastructure inspection, Powerline inspection, Wind turbine inspection, Solar panel inspection, Bridge Inspection, Railway track inspection, etc. Visual and thermal-based inspection to detect, track, and analyze any damage caused to the asset.

Creative Aerial Content

With our professional aerial photography drone and editor, we deliver breathtaking cinematic aerial drone video for Commercial Real Estate Videography, Sports Event Coverage

UAV Data Processing

We have a team of GIS Experts and Advanced Compute Servers to process and mapping Large data. We offer deliverables like orthomosaic, 3D point cloud Map, Digital terrain models, digital surface models (DSM), Contour Maps


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Railway and highway projects supported with GIS, topography surveys, aerial maps, and UAVs crafted with the high-end advanced sensors for surveying, Monitoring & Inspection result in enhanced efficiency and management.

Renewable Energy

Promote reliable data acquisition and diminish risks associated with solar and wind turbine inspections. By Employing and investing in AI-Powered Surveys, thermal maps, and thermal inspection, preserve your asset in top-notch condition.


Keep track of your critical assets with AI-powered Volumetric Measurement and analysis with 99% accuracy. We offer nearly 30x faster data collection for Haul Road Optimisation, Mine Exploration, and countless other UAV Powered Services.


We extend our services to detect, track and analyze damage on Utilities using the cutting edge drone UAV Technology backed with guaranteed Centimeter-level Accuracy.


Our GIS experts are here to advance knowledge toward your projects with highly-equipped UAVs for 3D City models, Pre-Construction Aerial Survey, drone videos with GEO-Tagged info, drone inspection, City Traffic Analysis, etc.


Through our aerial survey, mapping, and high-end UAVs pioneering precision agriculture, Crop health analysis, Irrigation Planning, Crop Damage Assessment, soil analysis, etc., we cater successfully to the agricultural community with 98% Accuracy.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies utilize drones or UAVs for pipeline inspections and other necessary functions to ensure safety, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

Real Estate

Real Estate drone photography can help enhance residential & commercial property features. Aerial photography with drones is imaginative and attractive.



Drone Surveys enable you to capture extensive and reliable data from places inaccessible to you. Survey drones offer high-resolution orthomosaics & comprehensive 3 Dimensional (3D) representations. Drone Surveys contribute vital knowledge to empower well-informed decision-making during the initial stages of construction site mapping, surveying, or inspection of infrastructure. It ensures that users maintain control and anticipate failure to secure maximum goodwill of their assets. Wind Turbine Blades, highways, and power lines frequently probed through this novel drone technology. When compared to conventional ‘at- height’ working, it reduces the significant risk for the workers during an inspection.
One fundamental parameter of drone surveying is a spatial presentation, typically known as GSD (Ground Sampling Distance) in photogrammetry terms. In brief, it symbolizes the interval amongst two consecutive pixel centers on the ground. GSD relies on the resolution, focal range, and flight elevation of the drone camera. Equinox Drones use professional surveying drones such as the DJI Phantom Pro 4 to attain 1cm level accuracy in our surveying results.
Since drones have distinct applications, they have grown to become an integral component to various private and governmental organizations. We have made our place in several industries through quick, reliable, and safe deliveries. Catering to military bases, and to the mapping of agricultural land surveys, our technology can do it all. Using innovative survey drones, artificial intelligence, and a plethora of advanced sensors like thermal, RGB, Lidar, etc. we extend our drone technology to many.
Every project requires customized drone operation plans because they are all different. Taking the example of aerial photography, we subsequently execute drone operations: Research and Development : Includes learning, gathering information about projects, studying aviation charts, and the atmosphere surrounding the targeted regions to identify any risks or hindrances. Planning : Permits us to compose a foundation to approach projects and resources needed in terms of equipment, personnel, costs, etc. Execution : Before actual implementation, a pre-flight evaluation of the drone’s condition is crucial. The plan is then put into action on the field as per demand. Analysis : We feed various software gathered to get technical information. Video editors are also a part of this stage and use their expertise for added creativity.
A few functions carried out and acknowledged by aerial technology are aerial photography/videography, aerial surveys, traffic monitoring, military surveillance, use in the construction industry, power line inspections, agricultural land inspection, healthcare, logistics, Solar panel and wind turbine maintenance, etc.
UAVs and drone surveying enable getting comprehensive data from remote, hazardous, or unsafe locations. We accumulate more substantial detailed information in a more condensed method, granting this to be more cost-effective for users when opposed to traditional methods. Therefore, drone surveying delivers exceptional results with greater urgency, practicality, and security.