Solar Energy

Conquer the game of energy production and diminish any uncertainties with our Drone Powered Solutions.

Solar Energy

The Next Level of Solar Farm Inspections

Maximize Energy Production and Reduce Downtime with our Drone Powered Solutions.

With a passion for technology and drive to assist various industries, the renewable energy sector is flourishing with Drone Surveys. It is imperative to secure the quality of the solar power plant for adequate power generation, saving costs, and to maintain a long life of the asset. We offer timely thermal imaging (Aerial Solar) Inspections for Solar Power Plants to guarantee the safety and effective deployment of these solar systems.

Our fundamental purpose of using Thermal Mapping is to recognize any fault or damage in the solar panels and for the owners to be able to request for warranty/replacement from manufacturers. Our failure-free operations that have adopted cutting-edge UAV technology ensure reliability, affordability, and utmost accuracy. Our trained drone pilots use premium drones with thermal sensors for Aerial Inspection while maintaining safety in solar farms. Drone Surveys and UAV Inspections produce superior quality data for detailed solar panel analysis.

Through Drone Surveys and Thermal Mapping of solar power plants, we recover essential information. Accurate solar farm inspections go beyond human capabilities. Our cutting-edge technology can detect cell defects, failures, dirt on photovoltaic cells, interconnection issues, solar cell degradation, and declining operational efficiency. With thermal mapping and aerial infrared imaging, we deliver unparalleled precision that humans alone cannot achieve. The industry needs to depend on cutting-edge UAV technology for solar farm Inspection, Monitoring, and large-scale maintenance. Our deliverables include geotagged high-resolution drone images and orthomosaics for quick decision-making. We have offered solar farm inspection services to more than 100 solar farms, and have assisted them continuously in procuring a higher return on investment.

Benefits of Solar Farm Inspection with Equinox's Drones

Our Features

Over 100+ Solar Farm inspection

Already covered 100+ Solar farms inspection and helped them to maximize efficiency, reduce operating costs, and avoid costly mistakes.

30x Faster Solar Farm Inspection

Our experienced Drone pilots use high-end drones equipped with thermal sensors conduct solar farm inspections in a fraction of time.

Accurate In-depth Inspection Report

Solar Inspection report with geotagged drone data covering every minor details of solar farms for quick action and better decision making.


Keep solar farm at peak efficiency, reduce inspection cost and avoid costly mistakes with our Drone Powered solutions.