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Drone survey, inspection and monitoring for the Transport industry

Equinox’s Drones offer a cutting-edge drone solution for the railway and roadways industry. We have helped various railways and roadways agencies in project planning, project construction monitoring, and inspection of railway and roadways infrastructure. We conduct aerial surveys, inspections, and monitoring using high-end surveying drones equipped with high-resolution sensors for superior data quality with up to centimeter-level accuracy. Our dedicated team of seasoned drone pilots and GIS experts works tirelessly to consistently deliver optimal results, often ahead of schedule. We provide aerial survey data like orthophotos, elevation models, terrain models, 3D models, thermographic data, and more with very high accuracy, helping to maximize efficiency and ensure accountability in railways and highways projects.

Our aerial inspection service for railways and highways infrastructure includes railway inspection, railway infrastructure inspection, drone railway inspection, road inspection, bridge inspection using drones, drone road inspection, bridge inspection with drones, drone bridge inspection, UAV bridge inspection, and more. In periodic aerial inspections, we help railways and roadways agencies keep track of their critical assets and avoid catastrophic damage. Our experienced pilots can collect aerial data in less time while ensuring the railways and highways safety standards even on very high traffic railway tracks and roads without interfering with traffic flow.

Through these comprehensive services, including drones for highway inspection and UAV drone inspection, we ensure that the infrastructure is maintained at its best. The use of drones for inspection maximizes efficiency and minimizes risks, proving to be an invaluable asset for the railway and roadways industry.

Railway Track Inspection


Pre Construction Survey

Our premium quality drones can hover desired heights at nearly 20-50 mph. We have assisted railways with our aerial survey and aerial monitoring services, and empower them to effectively inspect potential land for new Railway tracks, station yards, railway stations, etc. The first step includes an extensive survey of the land to ensure it is viable for further construction. Our experienced drone pilots who solely employ high-end surveying drones can collect data in a fraction of the time at lower costs than conventional methods. After capturing comprehensive data, our team of GIS experts processes and generates a diverse range of topographical maps and 3D models that depict topography, utility Lines, Drainage Slopes, and existing risks to test the feasibility of the new project's feasibility.

Project Progress Monitoring

This stage plays a significant role in controlling the budget of the project. Through our Aerial Construction Monitoring Solution, Railway project managers can reduce the overall construction time needed. Lesser the time invested, lesser the cost! However, to ensure that we do not compromise on quality and deliver up to par, our excellent and skilled drone pilots are always present. They compile aerial data encompassing all aspects of railway plans, while steadfastly upholding safety standards. Subsequently, our post-production team adeptly processes the aerial project video, focusing on key details like unfinished overbridge pillars, Half-done construction sites, etc. Track detection and standard measurement is also an essential aspect of railway inspections incorporated by us.

Asset management
Volume Estimation

Maintaining a comprehensive record of assets and resources stands as a paramount element in any construction endeavor. We assist project managers in consistently monitoring and tracking onsite stock materials during Construction Monitoring and boost the efficiency of projects. Managing cutting-edge technology like Machine Learning, we triumphantly achieve 99% accuracy in stockpiles Volume Estimation. Our proficient drone pilots have promoted various companies and government agencies with asset control through their far-reaching data collection from numerous topographic data points for sound and reliable management.

Railway Buildings & Bridges

Allowing you to access places that are hard-to-reach or simply hazardous for humankind, aerial inspection is the optimal solution. Railway bridges, for example, is an infrastructure that needs comprehensive and accurate assessment. Drones enable the safe and cost-effective revelation and analysis of structural details without putting work personnel at risk. Our team of GIS specialists generates numerous 3D models and topographical maps to ensure the structural integrity of buildings and bridges.

Railway Track

Drone inspection stands as the preferred method for the scheduled inspection and maintenance of high traffic railway tracks. Our established drone pilots acquire Drone Data quickly while sustaining all railway safety standards. Our GIS team then reconstructs the high-resolution aerial images obtained into several topographical maps like 3D models, 3D Point Cloud, 3D textured mesh, etc. Images procured through track inspection, thermal inspection, structural inspection, etc. are perfected by the process of Orthoimagery. The data obtained is used to determine the length of the track, detect possible dangers, and support railways to bypass any catastrophic damage.

TSS & Level Crossing

We are proffering 10x faster Aerial Inspection as opposed to traditional methods for the crucial supporting infrastructures like Level crossing or Traction substation (TSS). Using exceptional RGB and thermal sensors, our pilots accumulate complete visual data that satisfy inspection requirements. This data also acknowledges and identifies potential concerns with substation conditions, vegetation growth, or security breaches. Level crossing, which is an intersection of a railway line and road/path, are areas that necessitate additional safety measures. Thus, we aid officials to guarantee the safety of level crossing through broad collections of geo-tagged visual images in a short period.

Our Features

500 KM Line Covered

We have already covered more than 500 km of railway track and helped project managers and site engineers in decision making.

Upto 50 KM Railway Line Per Day

With Experienced Pilots, GIS engineers & High-end Survey Drones we can easily scale up to cover 50 KM of railway track a day.

Faster Data Delivery

We have team of GIS experts working around clock to process and analyse the Drone survey data to deliver on or before time.


Maximize Efficiency and ensure Accountability in Railway Projects with our Drone powered solutions.

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