Dronify serves as a platform for effectively managing information on both ongoing and upcoming projects, as well as an Asset Management platform. It extends beyond mere secure data storage by incorporating digital twin technology powered by AI and ML, enabling real-time project progress tracking

Dronify Simplify Drone Operation

Get notified on

Drone Failure

Get notified when

Data Upload

Get notified about the

Project Progress

Dronify records every Flight flown by Pilot on different projects and show the detailed Analysis of total flying hours and flights.
Dronify keeps records of every detail of a project. Be it Project cost, Resources Deployed, Acquired Data, Project Progress, etc
Dronify records everything. Be it Drone Availability, services record, service cost, Failure logs, Usage data, etc.


Easy Navigation

Easily access your project and navigate to the progress of the project in one go

Real time statistics

Track the real time progress of the project from the deployment upto the delivery of the project

Acquired Data at One Place

Track the data project wise at one place Smooth Coordination With Pilot

Critical infrastructure risk management

Stay on top of your risk management by keeping the overview of your critical assets.

On premise installation

Dronify can be installed on your private servers, to create a self-hosted in-house solution

Data lake management

With sorting, smart-filtering and safe storage, Dronify helps you manage and share your large amounts of data securely


Effortless integration to other critical software platforms like SAP systems or flight software

AI enabled platform

Efficient fault detection with top-of-the-line Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Roles & rights

- Enabling cooperation within international teams. Data is easily and securely sent for review with other team members, without ever leaving the platform.

Dronify Helps you Succeed

Easy Navigation

Real Time Statistics

Acquired Data at One Place

Smooth Coordination With Pilot